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Clydesdales are one of the most recognizable horses in the world. These majestically gracious and powerful creatures gallop around the streets, the paddocks and into our hearts. These horses have many distinguishing features, most notably their hairs on their legs (feather), the large hoofs and their white faces. Their gracious light, but long striding gait makes the Clydesdale so elegant, with Its head held up high. Originally, from Scotland, these fine creatures are mainly found in the USA, the U.K and British Commonwealth countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. - the best horse-lover dating site! - the best horse-lover dating site!

Clydesdale horse
Photo by elrenia greenleaf

Equestrian Collections - Shop in Comfort, Ride in Style The Clydesdale is a breed of heavy draft horse, originating from Scotland in the early 19th century, for the use of agriculture. Farmers use to (and still do in some areas) use the Clydesdale horse as their hoofs work well in the soft soils, and their ability to carry heavy haulage was second to none. Since machinery has taken over most of the work for Clydesdales on the farms, they have now become more of a showpiece animal. It has become popular with horse and carriage services, as well as parades. The Clydesdale is well equipped for leisure horse riding, as well as performing in dressage competitions.

Clydesdale horses are most commonly brown, with white faces and white hair (feather) on their legs. Some Clydesdale horses are black and some have white spots scattered throughout the coat (Roan). It is can be common for the feather to be of a black colour, instead of the traditional white colour, which we typically associate Clydesdale horses to have. These heavy but graceful creatures can grow to over 6 foot tall and weigh anywhere from 1600 to 2400 pounds. Their hoof are also know to be as much as twice as big as most other horses.

Clydesdale Pictures

Clydesdale Stallion and Mare
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Pair of Clydesdale Horses, Pennsylvania
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Clydesdale Horse
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